Jax Mosaics

Based in Oxford, UK, Jackie Richards is a self-taught artist having worked with various mediums over the past 30 years, while travelling the world and raising her family. It was only in 2005 and heading towards retirement, that she found the medium she had been searching for all her life – mosaics.

Inspired by visiting a mosaic exhibition as part of the annual Oxfordshire Artweeks in 2005, she signed up for her first workshop. Within a month she was diagnosed with cancer, but this new and wonderful discovery, and one workshop on basic techniques, carried her through the following year of treatment. She exhibited and sold her first pieces in Artweeks 2006!

Now divorced, and working part time, with her two boys having fledged, she can devote more time to developing her ideas. “I have enough to last for the rest of my life! – there’s never enough time in a day!”

“It’s a slow and fascinating evolution, from initial design through to the final grouting. The initial concept often leads to experimentation, both with design and colour, and the final piece can often be an unexpected surprise!

“I am interested in taking the ancient art of mosaicing to new and contemporary levels. Starting each new piece is like embarking on any journey of discovery – filled with excitement and anticipation.”

More recently she has been working on multi media mosaics, using polymer clay embossed, stamped, and embedded with beads and other objects and dusted with copper and gold powders. New works include image transfers, using images and photographs, and it is these pieces that can be customised, using your own special photograph …. for a very unique and individual gift. Take a look at my gallery for examples.